Wednesday, November 17, 2010

May luck be with us all

Midterm for Composite is tomorrow.

Kena drive sendirik pulak balik MIAT. Lagi DUH! Abes exam patah balik rumah. Cam dekat kau buat MIAT kan. Teehee!

For today's entry, not much to crap about. Today's weather pon hujan. After Eid prayer, I've been locked myself up in my room (konon nak study which pretty seems I wasn't!) to keep away from Aleysha, 'Maksu! Maksu!' Haha.
But blame the rain which caused me sleep more than I read. Have 7 lectures, seem that I managed to finish 1. Haha. Baca tak baca put aside. Yang penting usaha mengheret nota ke katil.

Okay laaa. I'm going to start studying now. I hope I'll do well, and hopefully bila tembak tue, kebetulan betul lah.

Keep me in your prayers and wish me luck!

macam comel je. okay lah ni.

Until then,
wish me luck remembering all the seemingly endless lectures.

Cukup GEMOK to stay at home for just ONE DAY!

Salam Aidiladha to all Muslims!

Hehe. I'm so in a good mood today and sangatlahhhh rajin nak meng'update' blog. Padahal baru je posted a post in the afternoon. It's good right?

Raya time! Hehe. Cam sekejap kan baru je hari tu raya puasa. Tup tap tup tap, da qurban plak. Ohhhh time! Jangan laaa cepat sangat please?

Okay I just got home for Raya, and everyone's home! So apa lagi? Cooking time laaa.
It's 12.09am. And it's been a long time since I used to supper during MRSM. Now supper at home with I'd say heavy supper. No longer supper da! Carbs+Cals foodies! Haha what a combination! Ala cukop gemuk da so tak heran. lol

Rendang daging and Kuah Kacang! Heaven enough? Teehee. In my opinion, NOTHING can beat a home cooked meal! I would rather stay at home and eat my mom's cooking rather then going out to a restaurant or eating fast food any day of the week! My mother is an absolute saint because although she works during the day, she ALWAYS makes dinner for our family. Ever since I was little I have eaten her food and fallen in love with it. She is an amazing chef! Sometimes I wish I have this really thin body type or skinny type so I could just stuff my silly face in that plate of awesomeness! Teehee bukan main gelojoh kau ni. (=.=")

Since I have been living at college though, I have TRULY learned to appreciate a home cooked meal because the food at college and back then in school are just awful in comparison to the food I get at home. When I come home during breaks and some weekends all I want to do is EAT because I've missed my home cooked meals THAT much.


ESOK PAGI makan lagi! Haish haish! Teehee. *sigh* there is just nothing that can compare to an amazing home cooked meal. deeeeeelicious!

So kesempatan ini, mengucapkan Salam AidilAdha kepada semua Muslim sekali lagi. Selamat makan rendang if tak dapat nasib kau lah! Haha.

Adios Amigos! /bye

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Drugs and smoking?
Don't even think about that.

It feels good actually to write again about all the crappy things that no one cares about but me! I love my blog. I write when I feel like to. And leave it like I love to.

Also, I'm so effing tired now. I haven't much sleep since the past two weeks due to fyp, Aman's time consuming, and of course CHUCK. Chuck? Yes! The cause of why I never get a chance to rest. And somehow, recently found myself hooked on TV series - I never actually understood all the hooblah with How I Met Your Mother- until I gave it a chance and Chuck - the funniest-coolest-geniuses-handsomest-cutest-ever-spy on earth? haa boleh lah.

Let's describe HIMYM first.
Hillarious, stupid and stupid again. The rest is BEST laa weh.
Now I refer to people as The Ted, The Barney, The Lily and Marshall and The Robin - let's face it people, these 5 characters are everywhere around us. Indeed. We can see the characters surrounded us.
There's a Ted in every clique, recently more Barneys have sprouted, hence, all the break up stories.
Betul kan? But the thing is, it's already been 6 seasons now. Bila nak jumpa ni haaaa? 2030? Tengok lagi ka? Or if you lucky enough, your husband will watch it with you.
Enough said, this is the best comedy series I've ever watched in my entire life. Awesome and LEGEN.. wait for it...DARY!! lol


And Chuck huh?

Have the coolest last name, BARTOWSKI. Zetty Bartowski? Cool kan kan? Haha. Zachary Levi made an outstanding character for this TV Show. And Yvonne Strahovski or Sarah Walker? Don't want to say much about her. SUPER HOT! or nose-bleeding to be described as.

in fact is not a show but more than a show! <3

And Zachary Levi is geeky-dorky sexy ever! In love. Call me Bartowski for my last name okay. Haha.

H.O.T! I think I just fell in love with you all over again Levi.

Okay enough with TV Show I guess. This two shows always make my eyes wide open as I wish it could turn to Aircraft Composite lecture notes! (-.-") Okay now I want to take a shower and go home. Nanti bila I ada idea, I tambahlah okay. I wanna chill now. Esok Raya Korban.

Good bye! /bye

Otak hampir beku!

hampir bersawang da.

*Ahem ahem*

Hello hello!

I've been so busy these days. No time to write, no time to read other's blogs, restless, sleepless and eat less, okay the last one tipu! i even eat more with no time to weigh! lol. Wah lama kan tak usik blog.

Fyp kills me!!! In few days to come, i'll be facing the same two panels like last semester when i did my first VIVA. It's going to be my Final VIVA for the final year and i know it's going to be tough! Haishhhh why do we have to face this VIVA to finish study? Darn! I hate writing a research!

Okay whatever u keep whining Zetty, few more weeks to go and u just have to bare with it. Sikit je lagi. Sometimes, have u ever wondered why do u have to study? yes of course to get the job u always wanted or u never want but u just have to get the job anyway. Money matters!

Studying is such a simple word for something so arduous. i don't know if its just me not being intellectually equipped to store and process all these facts and information, or if its just something so wrong with the academic modules lately. Yeah, i think its the former, too. Its hard to keep glued to the books 24 hours a day, everyday to ensure an A, studying somehow seems more time-demanding now. i'd like to think i have a life which balanced with hanging out with friends and hopefully score a date or two. (Date? how am i going to date when my Mr. PEACE is far far away DUH!) And all that will be compromised should i enslave myself to books. Hence, A's are hard to come by and I seem to have all the other alphabets pretty much etched in my grades. Rarely laaa seems MIAT kan? Teehee.

Sometimes i feel like giving up. Give up on my studies, because no matter how much i thought i slaved over the lecture notes, the results sometimes snatched the life out of me. When i think i know, but I really don't. When i think i got it right and i actually was so wrong. When I try and try to be the absolute best but somehow, I'm not. Ya ALLAH, berikanlah kekuatan kepada hambamu ini.

Still, being a student is the best thing u had ever in your life. Kan? So i guess should studying be the best thing in that ever happen to your life now? Never kan? Haha apa ni? pening2! haha. Lately, i feel zombified so here comes all confusing words or sentence i must say.

It's just around the corner and i can almost see the finish the line. Whoa am i? time's running out too fast and i finally realized that i have way too much wasted time rather than time to ever did great in studying. Maybe a few, yet not even reach 50% of OVERALL 4 years here. I should've killed all 8 semester to get 4.0 yet i have myself only 1 with 4.0. Or OJT maybe? So two lah hopefully. Amin. after this, no more student discount or masih ada lagi for master? Yeah! Ada ada.

Good luck on your final exam gators! This could be my last post before my final exams next two weeks, unless I want to bug you with my "stress nyeeeee" post. Teehee. Oh almost forgotten! ALL THE BEST FOR VIVA too! Please be nice to me panels. You don't want to see my angry faces do you? haha.

On another note,

can't wait to go skating again! pardon the face cos i look darn poyo! haha

ps: I have 6 lectures note to cover for my upcoming final exam and (thank goodness!) last midterm paper. Tak study apa pon. Baru nak cuak (-.-!)

ps2: Salam Aidil Adha to all muslims. Boleh plak terlupa. Dush kepala sikit!

Penat da penat. So see you when i'll see you! May you dream a sweetest dream peeps. Take care.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hate you. Miss you.

hate you cos i miss you.

hate you cos i need you.

it's okay if you don't need me, but a thought would be priceless.

take a good care of yourself wherever you are.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


haha. hey i'm not that horny enough to talk about the triangle inner thing or so called G-string which refers to women only. duh nowadays we can simply found the G in guys' closet isn't it? Bahaha :P heh. back to the title! i'm here not to write about the inner thing okay, it's actually a living thing which i adore, love, care so much after these almost 3 years have been pet-ing him. (yeke 3 tahun?) it's my cat okay peeps. name given is GYMO since my elder brother bought it from his friend that her apartment is full of cats than humans. gymo ni the 3rd generations of her cat laa actually. haa can u imagine how many cats she has at her apartment. 20+ perhaps? wahhh bestnya! hahaha sorry about the speculation up there. i really like to speculate things lately.. tah apsal.

let me share a little bit about my kitty. well he's not a kitty anymore. still nak cakap kitty jugak. tak kira!

1. my gymo is totally love to eat! yeah that's the first thing ever i want to talk about. after woke up eat, play, before dumb-ing looool, even before he's gonna sleep, he will give the 'bontot-ing' thingy to anyone's in the house for company him to eat. okay fine, not couple of times, MANY times. especially during mengada time. but on top of that, gymo doesn't actually eat that much that mostly cats do, he actually eats his food like you know, chew a bit, then "okay enough, i'm done." well of course after an hour or less he gonna come back and eat again. duh of course he has this i would call it as habit, in the morning, he will wake my mom up by meow-ing damn loud(well it does sound annoyed each time duh) and actually teman him makan. after that, any members in my house woke up, then he will once again gesel-gesel and ask for food again and so goes the same thing for each members in my family. tapehape tah! hee. well it's kinda cute though that he actually greeting everyone in the morning. kan?

2. sleep for like 18 hours a day. loool i'm kidding. basically, a persian cat is always one with sleepyhead. of course a fluffy fur, obese and all, he prefers to sleep more than the babies actually does. hahaha. and he sleeps everywhere. well i don't know exactly where he prefers to sleep. but frequently, i always saw him sleep on the couch and tangga. i guess that's his fav place.

3. weigh enough like a weigh of a baby i mean 1 year baby i guess around 6-7kg. haha beratkan? berat bulu? nahhhh. he's just that fat. even the veterinarian said he was obese. teehee sokay he's just so adorable that way. i think i won't catu (control) amount food intake he'd taken. tanak! i actually want him bigger! haha

4. gymo is not all happy having his bath. usually, my second elder bro will always give gymo a bath. me? i tried about 4-5 times showering him, but well u know, after mandi, i'm going to have this all scratches on my back. yes he climbed on my back. he loves my bro more i'm aware of that. the thing is, gymo likes the bath actually, but the brush and drying thing is not a big hit at all for him. hey no one's going to let him lick his furry. yelaaa long hair okay? he's way to hairy esok pon tak kering. heleh, after abis semua, tau pulak dia nak happy kan. cet! gymo, u should learn how to thank us tau tak? :P

5. woahh! don't talk about his maintenance. HIGH man HIGH! even the food itself cost about RM110 monthly. toilet sand lagi well not just a sand, i mean siap ada manik warna warni sikit okay? ceit! costly. but enough said, if you wanted a persian cat, then bare with the cost. cos it costly lah! still well worth having a pet you know, only pet-lovers knows much how i feel.

6. yeah he loves massaging my mom after pray where he'd sitting on my mom's lap with kain telekung still wearing. massage by both of his front legs (or shall i say hands? lol). research said that most cats who ever did that, it considers as he's happy. happy? by pushing his legs on my mom's thigh? hishhh i guess only gymo loves that. but he did it to me and my sister-in-law too after pray jugak. i don't know why he would so into kain telekung. hahaha funny isn't it?

too much infos here. i guess i have to show some photos of my gymo. enjoy his photos!

fav place all time ;)

he hates dukung. few minutes then you have to let go. u have no idea how many times i've to snap this picca. sangat tak duduk diam.

haa told u. he thinks he small enough to fit in. (=.=")

cockcroaches? no more. thanks to gymo.

mengada la tu.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan's coming :)

To all Muslims.

Ramadhan is saying hello and let's say hello back by performing greatly as a Moslem instead of saying hello to the endless buffet yea people!

It's fasting month, not FEASTING month! Remember that MOSLEM!

Mohon maaf & Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa kawan-kawan :)

kata puasa. sempat curik gambar kat flickr! MUAHAHA :)