Wednesday, November 17, 2010

May luck be with us all

Midterm for Composite is tomorrow.

Kena drive sendirik pulak balik MIAT. Lagi DUH! Abes exam patah balik rumah. Cam dekat kau buat MIAT kan. Teehee!

For today's entry, not much to crap about. Today's weather pon hujan. After Eid prayer, I've been locked myself up in my room (konon nak study which pretty seems I wasn't!) to keep away from Aleysha, 'Maksu! Maksu!' Haha.
But blame the rain which caused me sleep more than I read. Have 7 lectures, seem that I managed to finish 1. Haha. Baca tak baca put aside. Yang penting usaha mengheret nota ke katil.

Okay laaa. I'm going to start studying now. I hope I'll do well, and hopefully bila tembak tue, kebetulan betul lah.

Keep me in your prayers and wish me luck!

macam comel je. okay lah ni.

Until then,
wish me luck remembering all the seemingly endless lectures.

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